Privacy and Cookies Policy


Our websites are now fully GDPR compliant. We recognize this is a pain for our EU users who have to click yet another button regarding their cookie preferences, but we aim to be compliant with current law.

The Free Video Games Project and its related websites have a straightforward privacy and cookies policy. We do not not collect, track or store personal information of any kind, at all. Some of our websites have a single cookie that counts how many times you have played a game (visited a site), but this is not personally connected to you in any way, as we don't know who you are. We have never sold our user data in our 17 year history, even when we were collecting millions of email addresses for our mailing list, and will not change this policy in the future.

Like most websites we use one or two well-known 3rd party services to analyze web statistics, and provide ad optimization. These services do use cookies. We use Google and Freestar for our advertising, and both collect and use certain data for advertising purposes. You can click each link provided to opt out of their cookies if you wish, and can learn more about Freestar's data usage here.

The well known 3rd party analytics services we use are Google Analytics and Quantcast and they have their own privacy policies, also linked. You can globally manage your cookies if you wish, and choose not to receive them through a variety of methods. A good starting point for this is the Wikipedia entry for cookies.

If you wish to know more about digital advertising practices in general or would like to know more about your options, you can visit the Network Advertising Initiative ("NAI") web-site. The NAI is a cooperative of online advertising companies who are committed to responsible practices and consumer protection.

This privacy policy is valid at minimum for the following Free Video Games Project websites:

We can be reached at hello (at) freevideogames (dot) org